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I am a Sound Design professional currently working in Vancouver, BC. I am particularly passionate about Game Audio, but enjoy ALL facets of Sound. After completing the Sound Design for Visual Media program at Vancouver Film School in 2012, I’ve since been a part of many freelance projects, and I am currently working at EA. Some of my favourite programs I use include ProTools and Wwise. I enjoy being in a leadership/organizational role but am also an exceptional team player. I have an innately creative ear for sound design and bring my enthusiasm and passion for great sound to any project I work on.
Please don’t hesitate if you would like to contact me or have any questions. I’d love to get to know you and perhaps talk about how I can bring my passion and talents into your project.


Demo Reel

A combination of some of my Sound Design work in a convenient video just over 2 minutes.
There is also a 'preview' of one of my projects still in the works (Triā–²ngle) So stay tuned!

Credits for the Visuals:
Blizzard Entertainment
Douglas Gordan
Electronic Arts/Waves
Onur Senturk

Be sure to check out my Videos tab to see the full versions of my videos, or ones you may have missed. Thanks!